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TYPE B: Retail outlets And Shops Using Point Of Sale Terminals

Solution Overview


The Novitus HD II Online model is a new version of an extremely durable and fast fiscal printer.

It has 1 000 000 PLUs, VAT group 7, Cashier has no limits, PLU name of up to 60 Characters + 3 product description lines and 100 departments.

Even more powerful processor and 2x more RAM achieving print speeds of up to 54 lines of text per second.

Communication interfaces 1 x LAN (Ethernet), 2 x RS232, 1 X external, WiFi *.

GSM *, Bluetooth *.

Receipts will have QR Code, VAT breakdown and Item description.

Cash drawer control is passive 6 – 24V.

Paper width 57 mm or 83 mm and roll length is up to 100.

Broker – remote management of printer networks.

Integrated and freestanding displays.

External power supply is 12V; 2Amp.

Internal built-in battery 6V; 3Ah.

One year warranty.


Optional Add-ons

GSM Modem

Wi-Fi Dongle

Cash Drawer

Bar Code Scanner

Success stories from our clients

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Dormans Coffee
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