International Certificate of Digital Literacy (ICDL)

International Computer Driving License is an international digital literacy qualification. ICDL is used as yardstick to measure your ability to competently use a digital device like a computer, laptop, etc. Based on the track incorporating the current digital trends, ICDL is ideal for persons starting their career journey and wish to portray digital skills in their CV.

It is also ideal for mature candidates who are looking at enhancing their digital skills. Flexible class hours, certified trainers, extended practice time and an authorized exam center are some of the services you will enjoy at our ICDL center.


  • Help individuals communicate, connect, and interact with others
  • Enable access to a range of information and services that can simplify life and save time
  • Increase individuals’ confidence, motivation, and potential for using technology
  • Facilitate learning beyond formal education and provide more options for how and what people can learn
  • Increase employees’ confidence and job satisfaction
  • Increase overall efficiency and productivity


The ICDL training and certification registration is open for all Individuals ,candidates and Employees interested in learning computer skills for life.

Code Course Duration
CA 738 Computer Essentials 20 Hrs
CA 739 Word Processing Using Ms Word 20 Hrs
CA 740 Spreadsheets Using Ms Excel 20 Hrs
CA 741 Online Essentials 10 Hrs
CA 742 Online Collaboration 10 Hrs
CA 743 IT Security 10 Hrs
CA 744 Presentation using Ms Powerpoint 10 Hrs
Start date Time Duration Location
July 26, 2021 12.00am-12.00Pm 3 Months Online Live & In-person class
August 2, 2021 10.00am-12.00Noon 3 Months Online Live & In-person class

Assessments for all units will be offered online in our test centers.