Human Relations Skills For Success (DCC)

Look around at successful business people, world leaders, professional athletes and entertainers.  You’ll find a disproportionately high number of Dale Carnegie Course® graduates.

The Dale Carnegie Course® has transformed the careers of over 8 million graduates. Through a proprietary process that uses team dynamics and intra-group activities, the course will help people master the capabilities demanded in today’s tough business environment. 

Participants learn to strengthen interpersonal relations, manage stress and handle fast-changing workplace conditions. Become better equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, creative problem-solver and focused leader.  Develop a take charge attitude that creates confidence and enthusiasm.  In short, the course will help people move far beyond their comfort zones as they  stretch for and attain ambitious new goals. 

 It will also teach the 5 Drivers of Success:

  • Build Greater Self-Confidence 
  • Strengthen People Skills 
  • Enhance Communication Skills 
  • Develop Leadership Skills 
  • Reduce Stress and Improve our Attitude 

Dale Carnegie Training® research has identified the key attributes that distinguish top performers. These attributes have been incorporated into a process that coaches people through a four-phase continuous improvement cycle.  

The training emphasizes the principles of success and shows  how to put them into action every day.  At the end of the program individuals have a solid foundation on which to build lifelong professional growth and performance improvement.

Who Should Attend: 
Individuals who wish to transform their lives and become successful and highly effective  in their professional and personal lives.

Employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to the organization.

Course Details

Session 1A: Build a Foundation for Success: In this session, we will learn more about Dale Carnegie Training® and be introduced to the Five Drivers for Success. Effective leaders have a clear picture of where they are going and what interim goals must be achieved in order to get there, and they commit to achieving these goals. This training has helped millions define and achieve their goals. It can help you, too.

Session 1B: Recall and Use Names: When we remember people’s names we help them and ourselves be more confident. Many people struggle with this important people skill. Today, we will learn a fun, yet effective way, to recall a person’s name, thereby enhancing this important first step in building professional and personal relationships.

Session 2A: Build on Memory Skills and Enhance Relationships: Building greater self-confidence and strengthening people skills are two of the Five Drivers for Success. The ability to establish and maintain relationships enables us to learn from others and achieve results we could not accomplish alone. In this session, we will learn the fundamental principles required to build a network of friends and professional associates.

Session 2B: Increase Self-Confidence: Being creatures of habit, we tend to stay within our comfort zones. Our comfort zones create barriers to our growth. As we attempt to make progress in our lives, this tendency can inhibit the realization of our visions.

Participating in this session helps us break through those barriers. Learning from our past experiences can increase our self-confidence. When we establish a solid foundation with others and increase our self-confidence, we can significantly advance toward our visions. In this session, you will benefit from experiences that you have earned the right to communicate.

Session 3A: Put Stress in Perspective: Medical experts have known for years the serious ramifications of not dealing with stress effectively. It is vital that we channel our energies to diminish the impact of stress in every aspect of our lives.

By committing to and practicing Dale Carnegie’s proven principles for more effectively controlling worry, we put ourselves in a position to decrease stress not only for ourselves, but also for our associates. In this session, we will commit to reducing stress more proactively in our lives.

Session 3B: Enhance Relationships and Motivate Others: To be successful, it helps to build strong relationships and gain the willing cooperation of others. When we build strong relationships that we can count on, our organizational objectives will be achieved more quickly, with better quality. Challenges become manageable and people are more engaged.

By strategically reviewing and applying Dale Carnegie’s principles to enhance relationships and gain the willing cooperation of others, we become the catalysts who create beneficial outcomes for our associates, clients, managers, and ourselves. To ensure we become persons of influence and persuasion, we will apply a formula to our communication that enables us to motivate and inspire others to take positive action.

Session 4A: Energize Our Communications: Have you ever noticed yourself being completely riveted when someone is telling you a story? Chances are the speaker has the ability to make you feel what he or she felt, to connect you directly to the point of the story. When we use our moments in the spotlight to relive an experience for our listeners just like it happened, we capture and hold their attention.

Identify a specific incident in your life that includes a lot of action. When you tell this story, don’t hold back. Use action verbs and body language, and project your voice. You will be amazed at the feeling of excitement you create when you communicate this way. Imagine the impact you can have.

Session 4B: Make Our Ideas Clear: Our communication isn’t always understood the way we’d like it to be. Some of the language we use might be easily understood within our own organization, but could be confusing for those outside our organization or industry. It is important to use every means at our disposal to be sure our meaning is clear.

Using exhibits and visuals helps ensure that we connect with our listeners. Organizing our thoughts and refraining from trying to cover every aspect of a topic allows our listeners to keep up with us and follow along. People like order and clarity.

Session 5A: Disagree Agreeably: The unexpected presents significant opportunities to make unique contributions. As these opportunities occur, we have the choice to speak up or remain silent. Voicing our opinions is inherently somewhat risky, yet remaining silent also comes with a cost. Our silence prevents others from benefiting from our ideas and experiences.

In this session, we will learn a process to organize our thoughts and practice stating our opinions when we disagree with other people.

Session 5B: Gain Willing Cooperation and Commit to Influence Others: You will have the opportunity to tell us what you did to gain the willing cooperation of others. Use the Magic Formula for Influencing Action to inspire us to a positive action connected to a specific benefit.

Finally, we will commit to applying Dale Carnegie’s Leadership Principles. The Demonstrate Leadership Principles provide tools to coach others to improve their performance without giving offense or arousing resentment.

Session 6A: Manage Our Stress: We have a choice in how we respond to stressful situations. Our choices affect our performance, health, and happiness.

In this session, we will have the opportunity to report on the positive choices we have made in addressing and overcoming stress. We will inspire others by communicating how concentrated efforts can help us better address stress in our lives.

Session 6B: Develop More Flexibility: This session will help each of us develop more flexibility. With increased flexibility, we put ourselves in a better position to adapt to the changing conditions of our fast-paced lives and to approach opportunities in our lives with more vigor and commitment.

Session 7A: Build Others through Recognition: In our interactions with others, we often miss opportunities to show genuine appreciation. Recognizing the strengths of others requires a conscious effort and it doesn’t take much time. Once we commit to doing it, it becomes second nature.

In this session, we discover the power of recognition. We’ll discuss the “how to” strategies that have the greatest impact on strengthening our relationships. By better understanding the power of building others through recognition, we can increase morale and create a positive culture.

Session 7B: Inspire Others: By relating our most profound life stories, we can do more than interest our listeners; we can inspire them to do the things that must be done if our listeners and organizations are going to achieve their full potential.

Share an incident that had an emotional impact on you. You might identify an individual you work with or have worked with and tell us specifically how that person has inspired you. Let your emotions shine through your story. Inspire us!

Session 8A: Demonstrate Leadership: When we demonstrate leadership, we have a unique opportunity to impact the attitudes and behaviors of our associates. Our ability to influence the attitudes and behaviors of others is often limited by our approach. When we choose a positive approach, it enhances the likelihood of a positive result.

In this session, we will report on an experience in which we demonstrated leadership by applying the Demonstrate Leadership principles.

Session 8B: Celebrate Achievements and Renew Our Vision: Reflecting on progress toward our vision gives us evidence of growth and confidence in our potential. Renewing our vision and commitments sets a direction and path for continued growth. Start by telling us what has been your greatest success in this program? Then, immediately identify a specific incident that best communicates the major benefit you gained from being an active participant in this process. Remember to use the Magic Formula for Influencing Action.

You will also present a renewed vision for your future. This process of reflection and renewal will inspire you to vigorously pursue your dreams and to further enhance results.

Code Course Duration
DCC Human Relations Skills For Success 18 Hours
Start date Time Duration Location
May 11, 2021 2.00pm-5.00pm 8 Tuesdays Online Live
July 10, 2021 9.00am-1.00pm 8 Saturdays Online Live